Sunday, April 26, 2015

How enhanced is enhanced?

Since I felt like I might be seeing some benefit on day 11 - it got me thinking about what was plausible.  What is the upper bound for the impact of my enhancements?

- the primary enhancement is the distributed dosing.  The half life of biotin is 2 hours.  I am taking 3333% of the daily dose once per hour for 18 hours per day and every 2-3 hours at night.  The trial involves 33330% every 8 hours.

- the upper bound for this enhancement would be that the body sees no difference between 3333% and 33330% (90%+ of the Med-day biotin is excreted).  If this is the case then the eight hours see roughly (1 + .75 + .5 + .375 + .25 + .1875 + .125 + .091875) ~ 3.2

- 3.2 x 3 = 9.6 compared to 20.  Note that if 3333% is also too much for the body to process this would drop the 20 but it would also drop the 9.6.  The overall conclusion here is that at most the distributed dosing will double the effectivity.

This brings us to the second enhancement - eating biotin containing food with each dose.  If I am seeing results 11 days in, that would be six times faster than expected.  Since distributed dosing gives me at best a factor of 2, the food principle would have to be providing a factor of 3.

Plausible?  Maybe - jury's out.

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  1. Another big difference between me and the study is that I have RRMS with some progression (EDSS 2.0). Study group EDSS ranged from 4.5 to 7.0.

    It is possible that with more lightly - moderately damaged myelin that I may see a result sooner.